Benefits of a tankless water heater

Benefits of a tankless water heater

Those who live in a large home or have a large family would greatly benefit from a tankless water heater.These tankless heaters are somewhat of a misnomer; an ‘On Demand’ water heater is a much more accurate statement of the duty of the water heater. Rather than store a preset amount of water in a large capacity tank, these tankless water heaters heat water needed.

Since the water is heated only when needed, there is always a continuous supply of hot water. There is no waiting to take a shower, bath or wash clothes in hot water because the hot water is immediately present. With a standard water heater, once the tank is drained of its hot water supply, the tank must reheat the water back to the appropriate temperature. This increases the home’s electrical or gas bill, since it takes a great deal of energy to heat water back to optimum temperature. Standard tanks will eventually need replacement, and the large cumbersome tanks require professionals to remove and replace, often costing a considerable sum to dispose of properly as well.

While commercially available tankless water heaters can use electricity to heat the water, the units that are powered by natural gas or propane are preferred and much more efficient in heating water. Both gases are normally cheaper than electricity, an added plus to those who would seek to add a tankless water system to their home.

A certified plumber is required to install a tankless water heater system, and a natural gas or propane professional will need to connect the heater appropriately and safely. Once installed, the hot water will flow freely, indefinitely and inexpensively. Certainly viable reasons to consider a tankless hot water heater in the home. Several models and brands are commercially available, and each will have detailed instructions and recommendations for the optimum size for the homeowner’s specific needs.

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