Blog Posts in may, 2013

  • Does Your Water Heater Need Maintenance?

    A water heater will usually give your signs that it is going out or needs repaired. One of the main things that will happen is that your hot water is not hot anymore. Cold is good sometimes but not with a hot water tank. Other signs could be the hot water takes a while to […]

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  • Plumbing Emergencies Require Quick Action

    All plumbing problems come in two types: water coming in (water under pressure from the meter) and water going out (sewer). A plumbing emergency usually involves issues with broken pipes, fittings, appliances or clogs and obstructions with the sewer line. It’s important to know the source of a plumbing emergency so as to be able to get the help needed quickly to fix the problem. In Columbia, a …

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  • What is Hydro Jetting?

    If you’re having trouble keeping your drains clean and clear, if they drain slowly or, worse, backflow, you might want to consider hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is used when clogs can’t be removed by snaking or augers. One instance of this is when your line has been clogged by the roots of nearby trees or […]

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  • Benefits of a tankless water heater

    Those who live in a large home or have a large family would greatly benefit from a tankless water heater. These tankless heaters are somewhat of a misnomer; an ‘On Demand’ water heater is a much more accurate statement of the duty of the water heater. Rather than store a preset amount of water in a large capacity tank, these tankless water heaters heat water needed. Since the water is heated only …

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