Blog Posts in june, 2013

  • Are your pipes okay?

    As a homeowner, it is important to keep up-to-date with maintenance of one’s home, especially when it comes to ones pipes. Plumbing maintenance is necessary and should not be ignored, if neglected it can lead to health concerns and damage that is expensive to repair. Many homeowners chose to put off their plumbing care because they fear the expensive cost of replacing all of the existing pipes. …

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  • Is your drain plumbing efficiently?

    Exterior and interior summer drain cleaning keeps sewer lines and pipes free from tree roots, plant growth, food debris, grease build up, soap scum, hair, and other objects that happen to drop down a drain. Blocked or clogged drains cause the backup of water within residential drains and industrial drains. Hot summer temperatures and clogged drains is a combination for a costly plumbing problem …

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  • Is your plumbing up to speed?

    Finding a quick solution to a burst pipe can eliminate severe damage to your home’s structure. Regardless of what time of year it is, weakened or damaged pipes can often result in a burst pipe. If your pipe has burst, you could be looking at a minor cleanup or major repair depending on the damage it has caused and how quickly you find the source. Continue reading for some signs you may have a …

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  • A plumber’s help and input is essential in any bathroom remodel project

    You’ve just moved into your dream home. Albeit it’s an old home, it’s yours. You love the history and the character of your new place. And while it has beautiful architectural features and details, it does have a few blemishes, such as the bathroom. While you love the Colonial moldings and craftsmanship, you’d like a […]

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