Leak detection service calls are worth it!

Leak detection service calls are worth it!

It’s a known fact that water leaks, big or small, can lead to a higher water bill. Often, slightly higher water bills go unnoticed, and a seemingly innocent-looking small faucet leak is not taken seriously until it becomes a much bigger leak. A small leak can lead to big problems like rot, toxic mold, and wasted water.

The Problem With Hidden Pipes: While leaking faucets are easy to spot, leaking pipes hidden behind walls are less obvious, at first. Telltale signs of leaking pipes are warping and wrinkling of the wall in question, as well as flooring that feels spongy or soft. After a while, you may smell an unpleasant musty odor that is the result of mold building up behind the wall. Left unattended for too long, leaky pipes can burst, causing water to flood your home until the water main is shut off. Having a large wall section torn out and replaced is costly, and motionally draining. Repairs such as these can be prevented by having a yearly leak detection services.

How Leak Detection Helps the Environment: In addition to being beneficial to homeowners, annual leak detections are good for the environment, too. Every leak must be held accountable when it comes to loss of water. Water protection groups and environmental protection divisions praise leak detection as being an important first step toward water conservation. Water conservation, as a whole, can minimize the the risk of water shortages and outages.

Facts About Mold: Mold is made up of tiny organisms that thrive in warm, damp conditions. They give off spores that settle in the air until they find a damp surface to latch onto. Humidity, combined with wetness due to water leaks is a recipe for unsavory mold build-up. Excessive exposure to mold can cause respiratory difficulties and allergic reactions. If you see mold growing as the result of a water leak, remove the mold with a mixture of bleach and water, and call for leak detection service as soon as possible.

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