Blog Posts in july, 2013

  • Need a new water heater?

    There are two principal kinds of water heaters: tankless and tank. Tankless water heaters, also known as “demand” water heaters, produce a continual supply of hot water. Tank water heaters , also called “storage” water heaters, only hold a limited supply a hot water. Tank Water Heaters: The tank water heater is the most common type of water heater. Storage water heaters have an internal water tank …

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  • Leak detection service calls are worth it!

    It’s a known fact that water leaks, big or small, can lead to a higher water bill. Often, slightly higher water bills go unnoticed, and a seemingly innocent-looking small faucet leak is not taken seriously until it becomes a much bigger leak. A small leak can lead to big problems like rot, toxic mold, and wasted water. The Problem With Hidden Pipes: While leaking faucets are easy to spot, leaking …

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  • Need a plumber?

    Plumbers perform a very important service in our society. These professionals are hired to install, repair and maintain the plumbing system in homes and commercial buildings. The plumbing system must be in top condition in order to function properly. When something goes wrong with this system, it is important to get a qualified professional to […]

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