Repairing a Leak

Repairing a Leak

Water leaks damage your home in a variety of ways. Accumulated moisture weakens your walls, ceilings and supporting structures while mold associated with leaks can lead to health problems such as asthma.The sooner a leak is detected, the less damage it can do and the more cost-effective
it is to fix.

Many leaks start small and then grow more severe over time. Repairing the leak when it first starts therefore prevents the potential for significant damage to your home while also saving you money. Water travels through any cracks or holes it encounters. A slow leak could send water throughout your entire house. If that water doesn’t have a chance to dry, rafters may rot and mold starts to build. Discoloration of wood or drywall is almost always indicative of a leak and should be examined immediately upon discovery.

There are many different types of mold, but they all require moisture to survive. Mold spores can grow on drywall, wood, concrete and even brick. While a mold’s color gives some indication about its type, it is impossible to know exactly what type of mold is growing with the naked eye. Mold spores cause asthma in many people when inhaled and some even result in more serious health problems. Mold is not always visible in the home since it often grows inside walls, pipes and insulation. Detecting leaks early, however, helps prevent mold before it grows while preventing more expensive repairs such as insulation replacement. Mold also has an unpleasant odor that can permeate the house if left unchecked, which creates an unpleasant living environment.

Leaks not only cost you in repair, but in water usage as well. If you suddenly notice an unexplained surge in your water bill, an undiscovered leak may be to blame and the home should be inspected. Other signs of an unknown leak are unusual flooding in your yard or a warm or wet spot in the floor. Wet spots may indicate a slab leak, which is very serious because it threatens the structural stability of the house. Other signs of leaking include warped wood, discoloration of the walls, floors or ceilings and the steady sound of a drip that can’t be located.

Home maintenance is important in protecting the overall value of your home. Regular diligence helps prevent leaks from damaging your house undetected. Annual inspections from a professional help ensure your home’s safety for years to come.

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