Water Heater

Water Heater

Homeowners face many problems when breaking in a new home, or when trying to maintain their older home. One of the most important systems in a home, the water heater/boiler system,
tends to present a bulk of the problems a homeowner faces
. Water heaters are built to heat about 40 gallons of water to around 120 degrees. When problems spring up with the water heater, knowing which issues are most common can help to narrow down the cause of the problem to apply the right solution.

When water heater problems come up, you need to trouble shoot. If the valve is on, then maybe the element is burnt out. The element is relatively easy to replace but make sure to turn off the water to the water heater and get the correct element for your tank. Do your research online according to your water heater model to ensure you don’t waste valuable time and money

Another potential problem with a hot water heater is the bottom pan rusting out and a leaking. Some of the older water heaters are made differently from the newer ones. After many years of heating water rust tends to develop and depending on the material, the damage can be extensive. Rust spots weaken the water heater wall causing possible leaks in your home.

A water heater may burn out if all of the water is out of the tank and the electricity goes off. This is common with storms and emergencies. People may drain their water heater of water but forget that there is no electricity going to the tank. This can burn out the element in the tank. A burnt element means no hot water. Most tanks have a regulator that will turn off the element when the water is out. Some of the older tanks do not have this regulator. Do your research and ensure you check for this issue.

Hot water tanks can sometimes be too hot. Always make sure to set the temperature between 105 and 120 degrees. Any hotter could cause burns to your skin. Make sure to check your water heater regularly. Do not forget the importance of health and safety when using such powerful appliances.
Some people turn off the water heaters during the day and set them to turn back on at night because they do use a lot of energy to heat the water. Others turn down the temperatures to about 105 degrees to cut back on the cost to heat the water. Either is a good idea if you want to save on electricity expenses when you’re not at home.

Water heater repairs and maintenance can be quite difficult. Your local Lexington, SC plumber should be at your side when you need to get these jobs done. Call Plumbing Solutions, LLC today at 803-513-5749 for expert water heater care from certified professionals.