Shower Installation

Shower Installation

As a homeowner, you sometimes feel the need to handle repairs in your home by yourself. You may even be pretty good at making some quick-fix DIY repairs. However, when it comes to taking care of your new
shower installation, you really need a professional by your side. Taking on a job of this magnitude could really cause some permanent problems which no homeowner needs.

Taking out that old shower is a hassle. When you take it out, you could damage the plumbing behind it, and you would not even know you you’ve done until after turning the water back on. This can cause a very serious problem in terms of water damage from leaks you caused when trying to remove that old shower. Many seals and valves are involved shower plumbing and if any of them are improperly installed, disaster could strike.

Another problem associated with trying to put in your new shower is making sure that you have put the caulk in correctly. This means having enough in the right spots to make sure you aren’t going to have any leaks while someone is taking a shower. What that translates to is water on the bathroom floor which in turn can cause an accident resulting in injury and possible water damage to the floor, or, if the shower is upstairs, damage to the ceiling down below. This kind of water damage is not only costly in terms of repairs, but also in terms of mold issues.

Making sure a real professional handles your new shower installation is the only way to ensure you have your new shower is put in correctly. A professional will make sure you have no leaks in plumbing, and they will make sure that the shower will be installed with the right amount of caulk to protect you and your home. You really do not want to take chances with this kind of undertaking .

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