Drain Maintenance

Drain Maintenance

The proper maintenance of drainage systems is essential to ensure the longevity of home plumbing and drain fittings. Though it’s usually said that a family should have their drains professionally inspected every two to three years by a professional, there’s little “conventional wisdom” about how often to apply
drain maintenance techniques yourself. The most common things that clog domestic drainage systems are: scale, grease, hair, and food particles. However, just keeping these contaminants away from drains typically isn’t enough — buildup compounds eventually.

Chemical cleaners, while effective, are often toxic and damaging to drains in the long run. Chemical cleaners should only be used as a last resort, and the use of them can be completely avoided with proper drain maintenance. Pouring reasonably hot, but not boiling, water down the drain is a cost effective and easy way to extend the life of your drains. The water helps to remove excess fatty masses form the sides of piping and prevent scale buildup, without the need of chemical cleansing agents.

The short answer the question of how often to clean your drains is every one to two weeks, though this can be reduced to once a month after 6 months of proper maintenance. The easiest way to tell if your drain is clogged is either with a visual inspection (simply look down the drain and check to see if there are any visible blockages) or by listening for odd sounds and gurgles. Loud and uneven gurgling sounds may be sign of serious buildup. In addition, you can run the water and note the time that it takes for it to drain. Does it feel ‘slow’? The p-trap (located on the underside of most u-shaped pipes) can be removed, and a homeowner that feels their pipes may be clogged can further inspect the inside of their pipes this way.

Keep in mind that if proper maintenance isn’t followed then sewer lines may become clogged with debris. This is very inconvenient and avoidable repair. With a small amount of time and effort regular devoted to drain and sewer maintenance, drains can last extremely long without incident. When the drains get too clogged or pipes get damaged, then you will need plumbing repairs form Lexington, SC most reputable plumber, Plumbing Solutions, LLC. Call us today at 803-513-5749 for our top notch residential plumbing service