Dangers Of Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line

Dangers Of Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line

Tree roots can cause major damage to your sewer line.Sewer line repairs are also some of the most costly and dreaded of all plumbing repairs. Unfortunately, it is completely natural for tree roots to want to grow toward your sewer line. It is an ample source of water as well as nutrients that trees love. Roots will seek out tiny leaks and then penetrate the piping causing many treacherous plumbing dangers. The key with tree root damage is to prevent it if possible and remedy the issue quickly if one arises by knowing the signs and symptoms of intruding tree roots.

Leaks, burst sewer pipes and blockages can all be caused by tree roots. Leaks in your sewer line and burst sewer line pipes result in sanitation concerns and can also ruin your lawn, creating unpleasant smelling. swampy areas. A burst sewer line can be thousands of dollars to repair if not caught soon enough. Repairing such damage also typically requires digging up the entire line, which can further destroy your landscaping. Blockages not only inhibit waste flow and cause problems with your drains in your home, but a severe blockage may also result in a burst pipe if the pressure builds up and too much debris becomes backed up by a tree root.

Preventative maintenance and inspections are a great way to avoid intruding tree roots in your sewer line. Plumbing technicians can check on the condition of your sewer line and help you to take measures to prevent encroaching roots. Frequently clogging and slow flowing drains throughout your entire home can be indicative of a tree root causing a blockage. Also listen for gurgling noises coming from your drains, especially your toilet. These are some of the first signs of a tree root problem and if ignored they can turn into extremely serious issues. Call a professional plumbing technician immediately if you suspect invasive tree roots or if you would just like to check on the status of your sewer line.

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