3 Reasons Why Your Garbage Disposal Gets Jammed

3 Reasons Why Your Garbage Disposal Gets Jammed

Garbage Disposals are very helpful. They can really help with waste disposal. They are useful because food can be dumped down the drain instead of having to be scraped into the trash can.
When these devices work properly they save time and make washing dishes easier, but when they stop working they can be a pain and can make it
more difficult to accomplish the task of washing dishes.

The first reasons that your garbage disposal might get jammed is because food was dumped into the sink that cannot be disposed of by the disposal system. Many different types of bones and other objects can clog a garbage disposal causing it to back up. It is important to not put this time of thing down your sink.

The second reason that your garbage disposal might jam is because you placed hard non food items into the sink. This is most likely to happen because a fork was dropped into the drain on accident, or because a kid placed a toy into the sink. Plastic toys are notorious for clogging and jamming garbage disposals. Silver ware is often just spit out, but at times it can get into a situation where it clogs the garbage disposal.

The third reason that your garbage disposal may be jammed is because too much food was place in the garbage disposal. It can only cut up so much waste at a time, so if a whole plate of pasta is dumped into the disposal it may fail to be able to cut it up and thus it may jam, causing your sink to back up. A simple way to avoid this problem is buy not putting so much food into the sink at one time.

Garbage disposals can be a pain when they jam and it is important to never place your hands into the drain when the garbage disposal could possibly turn on. It may be necessary to hire a professional to fix a garbage disposal if it has become jammed. Jams can be avoided if one takes the proper precautions when operating a garbage disposal.

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