Need your drains cleaned?

Need your drains cleaned?

When most people experience clogged drains, the first two things they think about using to unclog them are plungers and chemical drain cleaning solutions. While these products may seem like they are working, in reality, they may be making your problem worse. In fact, plungers often only force your clogs deeper into your pipes and chemicals can be dangerous as described below.

Corrosive Ingredients: First of all, chemical drain cleaners contain many different dangerous substances including some that are extremely corrosive. Of course, drain cleaners need to be strong to enable them to remove such things as hair and grease. Unfortunately, their components can also eat away at your pipes. Over some time, chemical drain cleaners can severely damage your pipes requiring you to replace them. Furthermore, they can also damage plumbing fixtures such as your sink’s basin, drain coverings and faucets. Basically, anything that the chemicals come into contact with can become damaged over time.

Toxic Ingredients: In addition to containing corrosive ingredients, chemical drain cleaners contain toxic ingredients as well. These substances can be extremely hazardous to your health if they are swallowed, come in contact with your skin or if you inhale their vapors. Even when you are very careful, drain cleaning solutions are prone to splatter. Whether chemical drain cleaners are sitting in your sink or your pipes, there is always the potential of them splattering onto your skin or eyes. Even while wearing protective gloves and/or glasses, the substance can still make its way onto various other surfaces causing safety hazards.

Toxic Fumes: Because of the volatility and toxicity of the substances that make up chemical drain cleaners, they are highly reactive to many other household cleaning chemicals. For example, if you mix drain cleaners with bleach, the result is an extremely toxic chlorine gas that can be quite poisonous.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should avoid using chemical drain cleaners to unclog your drains. Not only can they eat away at your pipes and plumbing fixtures, but they can be very harmful to your skin and health as well.
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