Is your drain clogged?

Is your drain clogged?

Over time, grease, oils and fats can coat and thicken while accumulating inside pipelines. This can lead to a costly and hazardous waste grease flow into sewage lines, drainage lines or sewage treatment plants. This type of clogging can become so severe that it causes a major disruption in your business operations. There are a number of solutions to address this problem, with one of the most effective being sewer jetting.

Basically, sewer jetting means that your drains or pipes are being cleaned out with extremely high water pressure. It is quite different from other forms of pipe cleaning as it requires the use of heavy equipment and must be professionally done. Most often, sewer jetting is applied on commercial properties such as hospitals or restaurants, although it can be used on residential homes as well.

The type of water pressure needed to unblock a severely clogged drain is very high. Sewer jetting has the capability to clean out large amounts of sediment, sand and grease, in other words the type of build up that can cause your dishwasher and sinks to start backing up. No one relishes the idea of having filthy water enter areas used for washing hands or dishes. For this reason, it is essential to have sewer jetting performed by a certified plumber if you believe your clogged pipes are caused by grease or other heavy substances.

Maintenance is also important for most commercial environments. Getting sewer jetting done annually is highly suggested, depending on the amount of grease and waste consumption that your business experiences. Drains and pipes that become clogged with greasy and oily foods can eventually become unusable. Sewer jetting your system regularly helps eliminate waste buildup within the pipe walls.

A professional plumber has many solutions including sewer jetting that you may have never considered. That’s why it’s a good idea to contact someone that has experience dealing with extreme grease and oil buildup in pipes and drains. Sewer jetting high pressure cleaning is the most effective way to eradicate blockages.

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