Water Heater’s R-Value

Water Heater’s R-Value

There are many small changes a person can make to save money on monthly household expenses. One example of a simple improvement that can knock off a few dollars from annual heating and cooling costs is to insulate a home’s water heater.

If a water heater’s R-value of insulation is not at least R-24, it can stand to be improved. Most models indicate the R-value of insulation on a sticker on the side of the unit. Carefully touch the outside of the water heater; if it is giving off more than just a little heat, it is not heating efficiently and energy is being wasted. Extra heat that the unit is producing is not helping in keeping water hot. Rather, it is seeping into the home, which can contribute to higher cooling costs during the summer months. The fix to this problem is simple: Insulate the water heater.

Many utility companies will give away or sell quite cheaply the supplies needed to insulate a water heater. If not, easy to install insulation kits can be purchased at most hardware stores. Measuring the unit before making any purchases will ensure a good fit since water heaters vary in size. It is possible a representative from the utility company will come to assist with the installation, but it is a fairly simple matter even for a solo individual. The kit generally consists of a type of blanket that fits snugly around the water heater and a piece of insulation that the unit will rest on.

Utilizing the pieces of the insulation kit will prevent excess heat from escaping into the house, saving money each year. While the numbers will not at first seem substantial, a little bit adds up in time. Within a few years, any cost accrued in insulating the unit will be paid off and the savings will continue to grow.

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