Blog Posts in september, 2012

  • Which is Right For Your Home?

    Something that every homeowner must face is the need to replace their water heater unit. Exactly how long your water heater will last largely depends on the water quality where you live and how much use it gets, but unfortunately, no water heater lasts forever. Tankless Vs. Conventional Water Heaters If your hot water heater is aging and not performing as well as it once was, your replacement …

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  • Water Heater’s R-Value

    There are many small changes a person can make to save money on monthly household expenses. One example of a simple improvement that can knock off a few dollars from annual heating and cooling costs is to insulate a home’s water heater. If a water heater’s R-value of insulation is not at least R-24, it […]

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  • Replacing Your Existing Water Heater

    Replacing Your Existing Water Heater Most of us have a hot water heater sitting somewhere in our basement or attic and do not think very much about it until the monthly water bill comes through. While cutting back on water use will certainly help reduce those costs, traditional water heaters are also a significant source of energy and heat loss. When you are looking to reduce your costs and save …

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  • 2012 Fall Southern Home & Garden Show

    Don’t miss the 2012 Fall Southern Home & Garden Show on September 28-30, 2012 at the TD Convention Center, formerly known as the Carolina First Center. With over 200 exhibitors, the 2012 Fall Southern Home & Garden Show invites you to check out the latest and greatest products and technologies for your home. From stylish […]

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