In Need of Repiping?

In Need of Repiping?

Plumbing is something that can easily be taken for granted since it’s hidden behind walls and not thought of when everything is working as it should. However, it’s only when something goes terribly wrong that we realize how much of a modern convenience it really is. When it comes to your home’s piping, it’s always better to be “safe than sorry”. That is, we recommend that you tackle the small problem before it becomes a big problem. So, what are some signs that your home may be in need of repiping? Following are the signs you should be on the lookout for in order to spot the issues before they grow into larger hazards:

1. Water color. When you turn on the faucets in your kitchen sink or bathroom, does the water immediately run crystal clear or does it have a slightly reddish tint to it at first, and then clear up after a few seconds? If you see a tint at first that may be rust, a clear sign that your pipes may be reaching the end of their life.

2. Water pressure. Does your washing machine take longer than normal to fill up? Is your shower head pressure not what it used to be? These are both signs of low water pressure. Low water pressure can be caused by corrosion in old pipes, and even tree roots that have grown into your home pipes over the years can cause low water pressure. Again, both clear indicators that your home may need repiping.

3. Home age. The age of your home also plays a key factor in whether you may need repiping. In general, taking all things into consideration, most homes that need repiping are 15-20 years of age or older. Over time, the piping simply breaks down, and things go wrong. Materials are getting better and better all of the time, but for what’s already in the ground, there’s not much else that can be done, other than repiping your home with a better, longer-lasting material when it comes time.

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