Blog Posts in october, 2012

  • Who is Responsibile for Your Sewer System

    A sewer system can have a great impact on any South Carolina community. Many homes require personal septic systems that can be very expensive and difficult to maintain. This is usually the case for homes in rural areas or any areas far from a largely populated center. This is one of the many benefits to […]

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  • Clogged Toilets

    The toilet is one of the few systems in our home that is vital to daily life. It is important to maintain the toilet bowl and keep it free of bacteria that can grow and cause sickness for our family. Cleaning it regularly and taking the necessary precautions will allow not only foster a clean environment, but a pleasant aromatic and stink-free atmosphere, as well. Following are a few simple steps …

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  • Clean and Repair Your Sewage system

    Most homeowners never think about tree roots invading their sewage system. They are often caught off guard when a sink or toilet backs up and a plumber has to be called. At this point, calling a professional in is very important. This is something difficult to correct and needs the help of a licensed professional to clean and repair the damage . How to Prevent the Problem Trees can be beautiful in …

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  • In Need of Repiping?

    Plumbing is something that can easily be taken for granted since it’s hidden behind walls and not thought of when everything is working as it should. However, it’s only when something goes terribly wrong that we realize how much of a modern convenience it really is. When it comes to your home’s piping, it’s always […]

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