Winterizing Your Hot Water Tank

Winterizing Your Hot Water Tank

Winterizing Your Hot Water Tank

With the cold weather returning it may be time to consider winterizing your Columbia home in order to save some money on your electricity and water bills while you are away. Utilizing home winterization services from a local company in your area can ensure the job is done right and professionally. When you return again your home will be safe and ready to be turned back on.

A very useful service that can save you money long term is to winterize your hot water tank. If you are turning down or shutting off the heat in your house you don’t want to risk pipes freezing or damaging your water tank. It can be very expensive to replace your entire tank and its components if something goes wrong. Not only that, but it can cause a lot of damage.

Safely Winterize Your Hot Water Tank

The water that feeds to your water heater will be turned off as well as the power that runs your heater whether it be electric or gas. Then the water will be drained by attaching a hose to your tank and running it to an outlet somewhere in your house. The water can drain to the outside of your home or down a drain and it doesn’t take long at all. This is also a good process to go through to remove a lot of the sediment that might be in your tank. You won’t be wasting electricity to keep the tank running and you won’t waste water filling it.

To save money on your water bills and to protect your equipment you may want to also consider having your outdoor sprinkler system winterized to prevent the underground pipes from freezing over the long winter. These systems tend to be very fragile and can break easily if not cared for properly.

You may not want to completely shut off the electricity to your home because letting the temperature get too low can damage the home. You can turn down the heat source and keep it to a minimum to save electricity. You can close off rooms that really don’t need any heat such as storage areas. Vents in empty bedrooms can be kept closed halfway and you can shut doors to prevent heating the entire house when you don’t need to. Magnetic vent covers are a great investment to block off unneeded vents.

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