Trenchless Sewer Repairs

Trenchless Sewer Repairs

Home owners in Gilbert do not typically think about drain and sewer pipes until something goes wrong with them. Attention is not drawn to this area of home maintenance until the toilet begins to make a strange noise or there is a sinkhole in the yard. The questions of how to take care of the line and what the expense will be arise immediately. Underground plumbing is a luxury rarely thought about, neglect and age can do damage in the forms of clogs, cracks and deteriorating pipes.

Traditional methods of sewer repair are limited by the weather and require large portions of the yard to be dug up in order to get to the affected pipe. Trenchless sewer repair is just that, trenchless. This means that there are no trenches dug to destroy careful landscaping which can be costly to have repaired. The non-invasive method of repair requires that holes be used to locate the problem. A camera can be inserted to find the problem.

Once the problem is located the pipe is either sealed or replaced all without trenches. The method is about twenty years old although still considered relatively new in the world of plumbing. The cost of a trenchless repair is less than that of traditional methods, and it takes less time to complete while avoiding devastating messes in the yard.

The utilization of trenchless sewer repair helps increase the capacity of the pipes, restore integrity to the structure and prevent roots from intruding into the pipes. There are cameras used to evaluate the condition of sewer lines. The lines are then cleaned out and a new liner is pulled into the pipe. The repair leaves a pipe inside the pipe and the repair is not obvious to the naked eye. The new pipe will prevent calcification and the yard, house foundation and plants are left in tact.

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