Six Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Plumber

Six Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Plumber

Hiring plumbers can be quite expensive. If you need a plumber in emergency, oftentimes some of them are not as experienced as expected, and may even leave you with several unresolved issues, and a fat bill. Therefore, you should keep the following six things in mind when searching for a good plumber that won’t leave you with more problems, and an empty wallet.

(1) Get Referrals

The best way to search for a good plumber is by asking your family members or friends. They would be happy to recommend you service of a plumber if they have used one earlier and were satisfied with the results. Alternatively, you can also search on the Internet, or BBB (Better Business Bureau) for good plumbers with A+ rating.

(2) Check if the Plumber is Insured

You should not hire a plumber that does not carry sufficient worker’s compensation and liability insurance.

(3) Check the License

Many US states require that plumbers working within their limits are licensed. Therefore, you should check whether plumber you are working with is licensed or not. Many people offer plumbing services just for side income without any license. This can be a big gamble for you, as unlicensed plumbers may appear cheaper initially, but may end up costing much more than a professional, experienced and licensed plumber.

(4) Check References

When deciding on hiring a plumber, you should seek references. It won’t take much time to call a few people around who have already used the services of the plumber. This will not only ensure peace of mind, but you would save yourself from wasting your money on a novice.

(5) Inquire About the Plumber’s Fee Schedule

You should not only ask the charges of a plumber, but also the way they charge. Some plumbers may also include travel time from their business or home to yours. Few of them also mark up the prices of materials they buy to fix your problem. You should also ask them about their payment terms.

(6) Is the Plumber Willing to Guarantee His Work?

You should only hire a plumber who is confident about his work. You don’t want to pay twice for a badly done job. Working with a professional and dependable plumber will save you from all these problems.

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