Are you ready to remodel your bathroom? Part 2

Are you ready to remodel your bathroom? Part 2

You may or may not be ready to remodel your bathroom now, but even if you don’t, once you take a look at the latest toilet trends and technology, you just might want to trade in your old model for a new one. Nothing in the rules say a toilet has to be round or resemble the standard toilet we think of as usual. Toilets come in square shapes, oval shapes, low tanks, no tanks, wall mounted, floor mounted, ceramic, stainless steel and even leather. The choices are endless but you can still get a traditional round or elongated toilet if you so choose. Contact us today and determine which type suits you best at

The latest more serious side of the modern toilet is the duel flush, one for liquids and one for solids. Two flush mechanisms are mounted on the top of the tank rather than the lever type. Now you can do your part with this water saving technology. Many styles tout 1.1 to 1.6 gallons per flush compared with 3.5 gallons for older models. Four to five flushes per day for each member of your family can really add to your budget not to mention the wasted, precious water.

Trendy low-flow toilets are a little more complicated to explain, but they work with a seamless plastic tank built between the studs in the wall, exposing simply the toilet bowl. Instead of small holes around the rim of the bowl, only 1.2 gallons of water are forced into the toilet bowl at one time leaving it as clean as a whistle.

Another item seemingly not all that new is the higher seat toilet previously popular for ADA compliance. These toilets have been improved and are ideal for tall people in the family. These taller versions come in 29 or 31 inch heights.

You may think the new trendy technology will cost you a fortune. Surprisingly, the toilets are affordable and actually pay for themselves in only two or three years. Not bad for an investment that can last a long, long time. When you decide on the model you want to try out, we will install it for you.

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