The Importance of Cleaning Your Drains

The Importance of Cleaning Your Drains

Drain cleaning is important for both residential and commercial properties. A clogged drain, whether it’s a waste or fixture drain, a main drain or a sewer drain, causes a sink or tub to drain slowly, or might keep them from draining at all. Clogged waste drains can even cause a toilet to overflow and potentially make a ghastly mess.

Causes of Drain Clogs

There are a couple of different causes for clogged drains. For example, a drain can get clogged due to scale from hard water, which is water that’s full of minerals. Some of the worst drainage problems happen when grease starts to clog the drain. The grease not only hinders the flow of waste water, but can interfere with a building’s septic system. This is because the bacteria in a septic tank has trouble breaking down grease. This can cause the entire sewer system of a building to back up. Drain cleaning should be routine in the maintenance of your property and at Plumbing Solutions, LLC, we provide drain cleaning services that are trusted and reliable.

Ways to Address Clogs

There are a few ways for a plumber to unclog drains. The simplest clogs can be loosened by the action of a plunger. Some clogs also respond well to drain cleaners that should be used sparingly. It’s important to note that drain cleaners should be avoided in a plumbing system that empties into a septic system, as they can kill the helpful bacteria. Tougher and deeper-seated clogs might need to be cleaned by a snake.

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